Why I'm Running


I am running to be the MPP for Spadina-Fort York

As the candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party to represent the riding of Spadina-Fort York in Toronto, I am pleased and proud to run in the upcoming provincial election in 2022. It is my goal to represent the area in which I grew up at Queen’s Park in the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

We need all voices represented

As the eldest of three children in a Vietnamese immigrant household, I watched my parents work hard to create a new life in Canada for their growing family in their adoptive home. With the growth of my own family, I have come to appreciate many new perspectives on life, family, health and education and the challenges and pleasures of living in the city and am eager to work towards positive change for families of all kinds in Toronto.

I've always been a community builder

Our family benefited greatly from the unparalleled generosity of this country and its people, and I have long been eager to return that gift. I started to give back early in life, through local volunteering opportunities with community-building initiatives in my Chinatown and Kensington Market neighbourhood. From my work as a Parliamentary intern for Sheila Copps and Libby Davies, through building programs to encourage young women to vote, to my Masters in Health, Community and Development from the London School of Economics - I soon became aware that decision-makers and institutions were rarely inclusive of community members like me. 

I know that we need change

If nothing else, the last year has shown us that the systems that we have built are inequitable. They don't reflect the needs of many, and they're not economically or socially sensible. That’s why I have spent the last twenty years of my professional life as a leader in the non-profit and political sectors working hard to eradicate inequalities in practical and effective ways. I have fought hard for this city: building organizations, unlocking resources, and helping others make their voices heard. 

There has been so much progress we should be proud of — but as a mother of two, I feel more urgency than ever. In this moment of transformation, we need brave new leadership. We need innovative approaches that focus on systemic change, deep collaboration, and the courage to break from our harmful past. 

This is why I will work to create an inclusive, progressive social infrastructure that offers sustainable economic policies that benefit us all.

This is why I want to challenge the status quo, creating a political culture that responds readily to the varied needs of our communities. This is why I want to fight for a culture of prosperity, progress, and equity that all Canadians deserve.

I want to do all of this in Spadina-Fort York—the community that gave me my start. I want to take my local, national and global experience, my drive for genuine growth and change, and bring that gift home.