Accessibility for our provincial election

Protecting our Democracy: accessibility considerations for Elections Ontario in advance of the upcoming provincial election

I love democracy. It’s a far from perfect system: it was designed for an elite few. But what if we could imagine a society where opportunities to engage in democracy were truly universal and accessible? What if every citizen had the education, experience, and the opportunity to contribute to how decisions are made in our government? Our government is how we work together to take care of each other, collectively.  

Voting is one of the ways that we engage with collective decision-making. We choose our elected leaders; we choose who gets to serve and work on behalf of us all. I love voting so much that nearly twenty years ago I launched a national initiative to get young women to vote. I’m idealistic: I believe that our imperfect system is our best shot at expressing and choosing how we collectively care for one another. 

I’m going to talk about what it means to be political over the next five months in the lead-up to the provincial election, because even if you don’t think you’re political, you actually make political choices every moment of the day. We’re living through an extraordinary moment of crisis in our communities. I can’t think of a time when we’ve seen the impact of decisions and actions that our political leaders are taking daily have such a clear impact on our daily lives. 

Today I want to share the submission I made to Elections Ontario about accessibility and voting locations in Spadina—Fort York. 

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  • Chi Nguyen