Feminist Policy

I’ve been working in the gender equity space for most of my adult life, & even as a teen - the age I noticed that boys around me were able to do things I couldn’t. So, I’m really proud of the policies the Ontario Liberal Party has in our platform to make life better for women. Including:

👶$10/day before & after-school daycare

💰Rebates on childcare costs from federal deal Ford has yet to implement

💵Bring back the Pay Transparency Act

💊Creating a Women’s Health Strategy

And, celebrating #MenstrualHygieneDay, I’m proud to say we’re committed to providing free menstrual products in public spaces.

And other building blocks that help everyone: 10 paid sick days, portable health benefits, bring back rent control, get 1.5 million homes built, pilot a 4-day work week. I’m looking forward to putting these policies in place, and more, at Queen’s Park. 

We need strong feminists to help women & families recover from this #shescession. Covd isn’t done with us yet: let’s come out of it better and stronger. On June 2, you have a choice: vote.

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  • Rebecca Chesley