Housing Affordability

Let’s talk about housing affordability. I’m so proud of the many good policies in the Ontario Liberal Party platform to make it more affordable to live in Ontario. We will: 

⭐Get 1.5 million homes built in 10 years

⭐Establish the Ontario Home Building Corporation

⭐Work with municipalities to end exclusionary zoning

⭐Build 138K deeply affordable homes

⭐Encourage more “missing middle” housing, specifically around transit

⭐$100 million for co-op housing sector

⭐Curb sprawl 

⭐Scrapping Ministerial Zoning Orders, frequently abused by the Ford gov’t

⭐Bring back rent control

⭐Make it easier & cheaper to build student housing

⭐Invest in social & supporting housing

⭐$100 million for “housing first” approach to homelessness

⭐Funding for new homeless shelters

⭐Distinct Indigenous-led housing strategy

There’s more - I could go on!!

We want to make it easier to build for a variety of households, in a family-friendly and environmentally-friendly way. To address the housing crisis we need to pull all the levers we can. There’s so much we can & must do!

This election, the choice is yours. Read the Ontario Liberal Party platform: ontarioliberal.ca/platform We have the plans and the team to make it happen.

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  • Chi Nguyen