It's Election Eve...

It's the eve of the Ontario provincial election. I've been working hard these past eighteen months learning, listening and getting ready to step up to serve my community. Over the next 30+ days, the Ontario airwaves are going to get noisy. And, even if you usually tune out, or don't pay attention or think "I don't know enough to get involved," I hope you do make some choices.

Coming into a new chapter for our province, the election gives an opportunity to collectively decide: what do we want for ourselves and our 14.5 million friends and neighbours? What is the path we want to set ourselves on - especially coming out of two turbulent and difficult years.

It's our chance to make a decision about what our leadership should look like, what plans and ideas can set us up to recover.

And, even if you've never voted -- like many in my riding of Spadina-Fort York, now is your chance. So - talk to a neighbour, a stranger, a friend. Invite them to imagine what they can do to make a better Ontario - and what they want their government to do.

I'm so proud that the party I'm running for has worked very hard these years to listen and to learn - and is about to put forward a plan that included the ideas and feedback of nearly a half million Ontarians.

I'm so proud that our party is running 90% first-time candidates: amazing leaders who want to make their province better and are stepping up to serve because we know there is a better way.

I'm so proud that our party is running more than 50% female candidates, and showcasing real talent and a reflection of what contemporary Ontario looks like.

I'm so proud that we're focused on some big, brave ideas for what we can do to help us all.

Whatever you choose, choose democracy. Make sure that you make the point of saying that our systems and we each matter to one another.

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  • Rebecca Chesley