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Why women's representation in politics matters

Click here to read on YWCA Toronto's blog What should we do with $900 million for Canada student service grants?

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About Chi

Ontario election’s female candidates discuss their challenges in the political arena

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The Good Nonprofit Podcast - A feminist COVID recovery with Chi Nguyen 

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BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation: Equity, Diversity & Belonging Journey - an Interview with Chi

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Quoting Chi

CBC: Most new Order of Canada appointees are white men, despite diversity-boosting effort

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The Creative Bureaucracy Festival - What Makes for a Best City after Covid?

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Globe and Mail: In this aging society, Canada needs more female leaders – for everyone’s sake

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CBC: How to start making change: An introduction to lobbying for the causes you care about

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CBC: Want to contribute to non-profit groups? Here's how and why to dedicate your time or money 

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Global News: ‘Me too’ backlash has women worried about losing career opportunities 

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