How you can help today!

Here are three simple ways that you can join the team to help Chi win. 

1. Make a financial contribution to Chi's campaign

If you live in Ontario, you can make an online financial donation. 

2. Help Chi connect to the Spadina Fort-York Community to sign up new members

The nomination race is a process that happens within the political party. To be able to have your say and to vote in a nomination contest, you need to be:

  • a resident of the Spadina Fort-York area
  • 14 years old
  • able to show identification of proof of age and residency
At this stage, Chi's team is looking to connect with as many residents in the Spadina Fort-York area to sign up members to the party who can vote for her in the nomination contest (that will happen likely sometime in the first part of 2021).
You can send this link to your Spadina Fort-York friends, neighbours and family to invite them to sign-up to vote.

3. Volunteer with the team
We'll be reaching out as more details around timing emerge as to how you can roll up your sleeves and give your time to supporting Chi. 

Family Fort York

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