Transit Plans

The Ontario Liberal Party plans for transit *and specifically in Spadina—Fort York* are so good! They’re going to help people get around more easily, more cheaply, AND help us fight climate change, all at the same time. Starting with:

💥Buck-a-ride, province-wide: $1 transit fares across the province

💳$40/month transit passes

🚗Take 400K car trips off the road each day, and get people back on transit!

💰Additional $375million in transit operating funding annually 

🚆Invest in & build transit across the province (check out pg64 of the platform for that long list!)

Specifically in Spadina—Fort York: Build the Waterfront LRT to serve the existing & new communities being built on Queens Quay East, St. Lawrence, & the Distillery. Vital for those communities to thrive! We are the only party that committed to the Waterfront LRT in our platform.

And we’ll require better open, transparent community engagement from Metrolinx, especially as they build the Ontario Line through our neighbourhoods. 

And bikes! I bike with my kids, so I love the commitments we’ve made to cycling! 

🚴$500 rebates for e-bikes 

💰$100million annually to build bike lanes, bike trails, improve bike sharing & rentals & bike parking

🚨Improved road safety & design, & increased penalties for motorists who injure or kill pedestrians & cyclists.

There’s just no comparison with the NDP, who don’t even mention cycling in their platform. 

Smart policies for a good future: smart investments to get people out of their cars and keep them moving. Read the details in the platform:

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  • Chi Nguyen