It's Bike To Work Day today, which is like most days for me! Since I don’t drive, you'll usually find me riding around in my Hello Kitty helmet, because honestly, biking in this helmet makes me happy. 

And I'm so glad ActiveTO is coming back to Lakeshore West on Monday - you can bike not-for-work that day, since it's a holiday!

A reminder: the Ontario Liberal Party plan is all-in on active transportation: money for cycling infrastructure, money for ebike rebates, and increased consequences for motorists who cause harm. 

Cycling is better for people, better for the environment, and better for congestion on our city streets. So let's get people out of cars and onto bikes!

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It's PSW Day here in Ontario, and we have so many things we need to thank PSWs for over the past 2 years. 

Let's honour their work by valuing it: make it fair & decent work with good pay. 

The Ontario Liberal Party will raise PSW's base pay to $25/hr, minimum, and make pay fair and consistent, no matter where a PSW works. 

There are cracks in the foundation of our #CareEconomy here in Ontario, but we can fix them. Click here to read more about the commitments we're making to PSWs and other healthcare workers

And on PSW Day: thank you PSWs!

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VOTE Tomorrow (and then come out and help us knock on more doors!)

It’s almost time to mark your ballot!

You can vote starting tomorrow!

Advance poll locations open tomorrow, Thursday, May 19 at the following locations in Spadina—Fort York: 

  • Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen St. West, 10 am - 8 pm, until June 1
  • Canoe Landing Community Centre, 45 Fort York Blvd, 10 am - 8 pm, until May 28
  • Trinity Community Centre, 155 Crawford St., 10 am - 8 pm, until May 28
  • And starting May 24, St. Andrew’s Centre, 75 Simcoe St., 10 am - 8 pm, until May 28

You can also request a ballot to vote by mail on the Elections Ontario website

It’s crunch time…

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Transit Plans

The Ontario Liberal Party plans for transit *and specifically in Spadina—Fort York* are so good! They’re going to help people get around more easily, more cheaply, AND help us fight climate change, all at the same time. Starting with:

💥Buck-a-ride, province-wide: $1 transit fares across the province

💳$40/month transit passes

🚗Take 400K car trips off the road each day, and get people back on transit!

💰Additional $375million in transit operating funding annually 

🚆Invest in & build transit across the province (check out pg64 of the platform for that long list!)

Specifically in Spadina—Fort York: Build the Waterfront LRT to serve the existing & new communities being built on Queens Quay East, St. Lawrence, & the Distillery. Vital for those communities to thrive! We are the only party that committed to the Waterfront LRT in our platform.

And we’ll require better open, transparent community engagement from Metrolinx, especially as they build the Ontario Line through our neighbourhoods. 

And bikes! I bike with my kids, so I love the commitments we’ve made to cycling! 

🚴$500 rebates for e-bikes 

💰$100million annually to build bike lanes, bike trails, improve bike sharing & rentals & bike parking

🚨Improved road safety & design, & increased penalties for motorists who injure or kill pedestrians & cyclists.

There’s just no comparison with the NDP, who don’t even mention cycling in their platform. 

Smart policies for a good future: smart investments to get people out of their cars and keep them moving. Read the details in the platform: ontarioliberal.ca/platform.

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Housing Affordability

Let’s talk about housing affordability. I’m so proud of the many good policies in the Ontario Liberal Party platform to make it more affordable to live in Ontario. We will: 

⭐Get 1.5 million homes built in 10 years

⭐Establish the Ontario Home Building Corporation

⭐Work with municipalities to end exclusionary zoning

⭐Build 138K deeply affordable homes

⭐Encourage more “missing middle” housing, specifically around transit

⭐$100 million for co-op housing sector

⭐Curb sprawl 

⭐Scrapping Ministerial Zoning Orders, frequently abused by the Ford gov’t

⭐Bring back rent control

⭐Make it easier & cheaper to build student housing

⭐Invest in social & supporting housing

⭐$100 million for “housing first” approach to homelessness

⭐Funding for new homeless shelters

⭐Distinct Indigenous-led housing strategy

There’s more - I could go on!!

We want to make it easier to build for a variety of households, in a family-friendly and environmentally-friendly way. To address the housing crisis we need to pull all the levers we can. There’s so much we can & must do!

This election, the choice is yours. Read the Ontario Liberal Party platform: ontarioliberal.ca/platform We have the plans and the team to make it happen.

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Read our Ontario Liberal Platform

Our Ontario Liberal Platform is officially out!

Ours is the only bold platform that is fully costed.

The Ford PCs didn't even bother to release a plan. And the NDP didn't respect Ontarians enough to release a costing.

The NDP says they care about community voices, but their platform is silent on ministerial zoning orders (MZOs), cycling infrastructure, the Waterfront East LRT, and transit operating costs.

We need change in Spadina-Fort York to make sure the needs of downtown residents are represented at Queen's Park.

We will:

  • Build 1.5 million new homes and deliver rent control
  • Repeal Bill 124 so healthcare works are paid fairly
  • Clear the surgical backlog and set maximum wait times
  • Boost pensions by $1,000 for seniors who need it
  • Build and repair schools with $10 billion funded by scrapping Highway 413
  • Cut transit fares to $1 a ride everywhere in Ontario with $40 monthly metropasses
  • Cut Ontario’s carbon pollution in half by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050
  • Achieve a net-zero government by 2030
  • and much much more...

Read more about our plan here: ontarioliberal.ca/platform/

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It’s almost voting time

Election day is around the corner! And, actually, you can already vote: did you know you can request a mail-in ballot today? If you’re interested in skipping the lines, request your mail-in ballot right now to cast your vote. 

We’ve also got advance polling days starting on May 19, which is also a great chance to skip the election day busy-ness. Find your advance polling station here, on the Elections Ontario website.

I still need your help

Every voter that you can help me meet brings me closer to Queen’s Park. We’re having amazing conversations at the doors – people love the policies that we’re announcing and the energy and expertise I can bring to the job of being the MPP for Spadina—Fort York – and I need your help to meet more of them. 

Volunteer for a shift or two, once or twice a week for the next three weeks. That’s how you can help me the most. We have an awesome crew of volunteers that we’re adding to all the time, and truly, we have the most fun! I’d love for you to join us

Sign up to Volunteer


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It's mental health awareness week...

This tree was giving me life yesterday. The pretty blossoms and the fragrance… I could have stared at it for hours.

It sounds cheesy, the whole idea of “communing with nature” but it’s been one of the lessons of the last two years: getting outside, green space and the great outdoors are vital to our mental health. We need it. 

So this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, let’s celebrate & protect nature. How do we do that? Create 5 new provincial parks. Plant 800K trees. Cancel the environment-destroying, smog-spewing Hwy 413. 

On the surface those might not sound like mental health policies, but they’re going to contribute to our collective mental wellbeing: access to nature & protection for it, and not adding to climate anxiety. All policies to move us in the right direction. 

The choice is yours. Vote for the Ontario Liberal Party this election.

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Investment in education

Now this is why I’m running for office. This is why I want to be at Queen’s Park: to get these policies put in place, these investments in education, in our future - our kids. 

This is commitment to investment in YOU and in US. Our kids deserve better education, & our education workers deserve better, decent work. Not the privatization of our public education system that Doug Ford & Stephen Lecce have been sneaking in over the last 4 years.

  • No more than 20 kids per class. At any grade level. 
  • Making online classes optional, not mandatory.
  • Hiring 10,000 teachers. (Good, union jobs)
  • Fixing existing schools and building new ones.


Things to vote for on June 2nd.

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It's Election Eve...

It's the eve of the Ontario provincial election. I've been working hard these past eighteen months learning, listening and getting ready to step up to serve my community. Over the next 30+ days, the Ontario airwaves are going to get noisy. And, even if you usually tune out, or don't pay attention or think "I don't know enough to get involved," I hope you do make some choices.

Coming into a new chapter for our province, the election gives an opportunity to collectively decide: what do we want for ourselves and our 14.5 million friends and neighbours? What is the path we want to set ourselves on - especially coming out of two turbulent and difficult years.

It's our chance to make a decision about what our leadership should look like, what plans and ideas can set us up to recover.

And, even if you've never voted -- like many in my riding of Spadina-Fort York, now is your chance. So - talk to a neighbour, a stranger, a friend. Invite them to imagine what they can do to make a better Ontario - and what they want their government to do.

I'm so proud that the party I'm running for has worked very hard these years to listen and to learn - and is about to put forward a plan that included the ideas and feedback of nearly a half million Ontarians.

I'm so proud that our party is running 90% first-time candidates: amazing leaders who want to make their province better and are stepping up to serve because we know there is a better way.

I'm so proud that our party is running more than 50% female candidates, and showcasing real talent and a reflection of what contemporary Ontario looks like.

I'm so proud that we're focused on some big, brave ideas for what we can do to help us all.

Whatever you choose, choose democracy. Make sure that you make the point of saying that our systems and we each matter to one another.

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